Geremie Barmé

Geremie Barmé graduated in Asian Studies from the ANU (majoring in Chinese and Sanskrit). He studied at universities in the People’s Republic of China (1974-77) and Japan (1980-83), with periods working as a journalist, freelance writer and translator in Hong Kong and China.

His research work in Chinese culture and intellectual history has been interspersed with film, web site and writing projects in the United States, China and Hong Kong.

His career highlights consist of being awarded the Joseph Levenson Prize for Modern China, 2004; working with the New York photographer Lois Conner on the Garden of Perfect Brightness (Yuanming Yuan) in Beijing (1998-2003); working on the sacred geography of China with the photographer Lois Conner and the Sinologist and translator John Minford; as well as the premieres of two of his documentaries, The Gate of Heavenly Peace at the New York Film Festival in 1995 and Morning Sun at the Berlin International Film Festival in 2003.


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EssayWE ARE IN an era in which the governments or cultural authorities (elected or self-appointed) are engaged in defining or articulating cultural boundaries. This search for national selfhood may be relatively benign, but attempts to codify and delimit the...

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