Frances Flanagan

Frances Flanagan is a University of Sydney fellow in the discipline of work and organisational studies. Her book Remembering the Revolution: Dissent, Culture and Nationalism in the Irish Free State (OUP, 2016) was shortlisted for the Royal Historical Society Whitfield Prize.


‘Imagine us as part of you’

EssayLIKE MOST VISITS to ‘the future’ of anything, the wonders of a trip to Australia’s most advanced digital hospital weren’t the things I had expected. The Fiona Stanley Hospital is the biggest public works project commissioned by the state...

Clean sweep

EssayIT IS SUPPOSED to be test of character. An A+ student sits down to the final exam of his degree, and is surprised to be presented with a piece of paper with a single question: what is the name...

A consensus for care

EssayI USED PENCIL to write the due date for my baby in my diary. It was one of those pocket business diaries, with times recorded at hourly intervals. On the page for 5 April I wrote ‘baby!’ in semi-large...

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