Doug Hendrie

Doug Hendrie is a freelance writer from Melbourne who has written for Australian and international newspapers and magazines.

Recent work has appeared in the Christian Science Monitor, The Age, The Australian, The Diplomat,
The Drum
, Edge magazine, PC Powerplay, Penthouse, GoodWeekend and Sunday Life.



MemoirIT WAS SOON after I arrived in Japan that I met the sexpats. The long-term sex holidaymakers. You know the type. Asia is full of them – Japan especially, though it's a little harder to find obliging children there,...

Adapting for hope

GR OnlineTHERE IS A single large tree on the wind-whipped salt-lake flats, the most marginal of marginal land. There are rivals – low scrub across the ground, bent by wind, introduced agave succulents with king-shard stems extending into the dust-filled...

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