David Carlin


David Carlin is proud to be an associate professor in creative writing and co-founder of the non/fictionLab research group at RMIT University, an excellent place to work.

Vice-president of the international NonfictioNOW Conference, his books include The Abyssinian Contortionist (UWAP, 2015) and Our Father Who Wasn’t There (Scribe, 2010). He has also made exhibitions, films, radio and theatre works.


This essay is good for my KPIs*

MemoirLAST DECEMBER, I was planning to write an essay on the politics of the imagination for this magazine. But then I felt so worn out by worrying about how to urgently cut a lot of money from next year’s...

The bronzista of Muradup

MemoirNICOLA WALKED WITH his back straight and his shoulders scarcely moving. His upper body perfectly balanced and relaxed, his legs propelled him forward in a gait that seemed to have been born in him instead of learnt – a...

The true history of the Circus

MemoirIF I AM to write the true history of the Circus, I must start by telling you how my girlfriend ran off with the silent clown. 'Harpo!' we called out to him across the border from South Australia, my...

The cigarette seller of Addis Ababa

MemoirTHE CIGARETTE SELLER of Addis Ababa works her corner, near the entrance to the compound. She buys her cigarettes by the packet at the wholesale shop a twenty-minute walk away, and sells them one by one to the men...

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