David Burchell


David Burchell is a senior lecturer in humanities at the University of Western Sydney.

Dr Burchell is the author of several books on Australian politics and the Australian Labor Party, including: Western Horizon: Sydney’s Heartland and the Future of Australian Politics (Scribe Books, 2003); co-author of The Prince’s New Clothes: Why do Australians Dislike Their Politicians? (UNSW Press, 2002); and Labor’s Troubled Times (Pluto Press, 1991).


Trying to find the sunny side of life

EssaySelected for The Best Australian Political Writing 2008WHEN THE HISTORICAL datelines are being drawn up, the year 2005 may be marked down as the Indian summer of Australia's decade-long economic boom. Truly it seemed as if the sun might...

The trouble with empathy

EssayNo doubt the finite and meagre nature of our feelings does prevent us from extending our sympathies to those whom we have not seen in the flesh. It should not be so, and would not be with one who...

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