Chalmers Johnson (1931–2010)

Chalmers Johnson (1931–2010) was president of the Japan Policy Research Institute and author of the bestselling books Blowback and The Sorrows of Empire.

He was a frequent contributor to the Los Angeles Times, the London Review of Books, and The Nation. In 2005 he appeared in the 2005 prizewinning documentary film Why We Fight.



The good empire

EssayREGARDLESS OF WHO succeeds George W. Bush, the incumbent US president will have to deal with an emboldened Pentagon, an engorged military-industrial complex, an empire of bases, and a fifty-year-old tradition of not revealing to the public what the...

Sorrows of empire

EssayWITH THE FALL of Baghdad, America's dutiful Anglophone allies – the British and Australians – are due for their just rewards: luncheons for Blair and Howard with the Boy Emperor at his 'ranch' in Crawford, Texas. The Americans fielded...

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