Cassandra Atherton


Cassandra Atherton is an award-winning writer and one of Australia’s leading critics on American public intellectuals.  

She has a Harvard visiting scholar’s position in 2015–2016 to work on a project concerning public intellectuals in academe. A visiting fellow at Sophia University, Tokyo, in 2014 and an affiliate of the Monash Japanese Studies Centre in 2015, Cassandra is currently working on a book analysing Miyazaki Hayao’s anime.  

She has published six books, including a novel and a book of poetry.


Home is where the heart is

MemoirCOME CLOSER WHILE I tell you this. Let me whisper in your ear. No one likes a dissenter. No one likes a deserter. I can't say this too loudly. So huddle up while I tell you a secret.I am...

Staffroom confidential

GR OnlineAT THIRTY-TWO I ran away from school. I left in the middle of second term. Severed all ties. Took my books and my Barbie pencil caddy. Rolled up my laminated Buffy posters and walked out. Before the bell. Before...

Mentioning the war

EssayI BLAME Yasunari Kawabata for my obsession with Japan. When I was sixteen I read his short stories 'The House of the Sleeping Beauties' and 'One Arm', and I was hooked. The first, about a lonely old man who...

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