Brett Caldwell

Brett Caldwell is a Canberra-based writer who has previously contributed to Griffith Review. Brett combines memoir and fiction as a vehicle for social commentary and currently works with one of the World’s largest IT companies where he is witness to crumbling empires.

He is a graduate of the Royal Military College, Duntroon and has completed degrees in military and strategic studies and has an MBA.

Following a short visit back to Thursday Island, he resigned from the Army in 1999 after serving 22 years.


Raggedy men

EssayWAR IS BIG business and I am at a conference about the business of war. It's being held on the Gold Coast, near Jupiter's Casino, deep in the belly of Baby Boomer avarice. An enormous banner hangs above the...

Ants on highways

EssayGOOGLE AND MUNGO. I am sitting at my desk staring at Google Earth. My computer is short of memory and the program seems to take an eon to finish loading. When it does, I can see the lonely planet...

Growling at the sea

MemoirAilanman never growl the sea or anything. Not say anything bad about the sea when you are on it. Because the sea we treat like a polite thing ...– Flo KennedyIN THE EARLY 1990s, I spent three years living...

Tobias passing

MemoirTOBIAS FOX, VICE president of sales, arrived at our Canberra sales office by taxi. This was the last stop on his nationwide recession-chasing tour. For some weeks prior to his arrival, motivated by primal emotion, our team pored over...


MemoirIt is late at night. I am driving alone from Nadzab airport to Lae. Large potholes crater the narrow road making it nearly impassable. Heavy rain obscures my vision. Lightning flashes illuminate fields of wind frenzied kunai grass. I...

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