Ashley Kalagian Blunt

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Ashley Kalagian Blunt is the author of My Name Is Revenge (Spineless Wonders, 2018), a finalist in the inaugural Carmel Bird Digital Literary Award. Her writing has appeared in Sydney Review of Books, The Australian, Westerly and Kill Your Darlings. Her Griffith Review 63 essay, ‘It’s scary but nobody cares’, is an excerpt from her current work in progress, How to Be Australian.


It’s scary but nobody cares

MemoirI’VE NEVER UNDERSTOOD why Australians bother with the drop bear myth. It’s like a morgue trying to freak out visitors with a plastic fly in the complimentary punch bowl. If Aussies want to freak out foreigners, they can simply...

Today is already yesterday

MemoirI WAS BORN in 1983, the same year as Microsoft Word. It was also the year the first mobile phones went on sale in the US, and Apple introduced its graphical user interface computer, the Lisa. Not quite a...

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