Anne MacGregor


Anne MacGregor obtained a BA/LLB (Hons) at the Australian National University before moving to Germany in 1991 where she completed an LLM.

After a traineeship in the European Commission she worked as an EU lawyer in Brussels until 2000, before taking a job with a law firm in Washington DC.

In 2002 she moved back to Brussels where she currently practices EU trade and competition law with a large international law firm.

In early 2000 she co-founded the Southern Cross Group ( with other expatriate Australians as an international non-profit volunteer-run advocacy and support organisation for the Australian diaspora.


Community despite geography

PolicyFOR AN INCREASING number of us among the million in our diaspora, the penny has dropped, big time. Australia is about all Australians, regardless of where they make their homes. Our nation is the sum of all its people....

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