Anna Georgia Mackay

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Anna Georgia is a young writer based in Sydney. She completed an honours degree in history at the University of Sydney, in May this year.


Interview with Miguel Syjuco

InterviewBORN IN 1976, Miguel Syjuco is a freelance writer from Metro Manila in the Philippines. Since finishing a Bachelor of English literature in Manila, Miguel has lived in Adelaide, where he completed his PhD in literature; in New York...

Interview with Murong Xuecun

InterviewMURONG XUECUN IS the pen name of Hao Qun, a novelist and the most famous of a wave of Chinese writers who have become publishing sensations in the past decade due to their canny use of the internet. Murong...

Interview with Sheng Keyi

InterviewSHENG KEYI IS a Chinese writer who grew up in Huaihua Di, a poor and isolated village of the Hunan province, on the banks of the Lanxi River. Sheng was sixteen years old in 1989, when student protests were...

Interview with Annie Zaidi

InterviewANNIE ZAIDI IS a journalist and creative writer based in Mumbai. Since the publication of her first book – a collection of essays called Known Turf: Bantering with Bandits and Other True Tales (Tranquebar, 2010) – she has published...

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