AJ Brown


AJ Brown is professor of public policy and law at Griffith University, program director of Griffith’s graduate certificate in integrity and anti-corruption, and a board member of Transparency International.


Democracy and the corruption question

EssayI’M RUNNING ON a beach near Cairns, spending a rare holiday moment trying to regain some of the fitness I’ve lost to far too much international travel. Next week it’s to Hong Kong to speak at a symposium hosted...

The states we’re in

EssayWe are the same people sprung from the same race. We bear allegiance to the same throne. Our ideas, our religion – everything, in fact – is common. There is nothing to keep us apart. We are all one people, and why should...

When the whistle is blown

EssayIT WAS EARLY 1996, and getting late in the evening. Somewhere in a nondescript building in central Canberra, I was prowling a largely empty open-plan office, killing time while an Australian Federal Police investigator and I waited for yet...

The living subject

Essay'BUT COULD YOU do it warts and all?'When in 2002 Michael Kirby greeted my proposal for a biography with this response – in writing, very helpful for lawyers and historians – I was doubly sure this was the makings...

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