Griffith Review 68: Getting On – National online launch

Join contributors Charlotte Wood, Tony Birch and Vicki Laveau-Harvie, along with editor Ashley Hay, for the launch of Griffith Review 68: Getting On – a compelling exploration of the meaning of getting older in a world where seventy is the new fifty.

COVID-19 has recast fundamental concepts of ageing, maturity and mortality. And with the virus’s particular impacts on the aged, it’s time to challenge – and rectify – the exclusion of the elderly from our culture – and focus on people as people, not as problems to be solved.

With new work from Helen Garner, Gabbie Stroud, David Sinclair, Samuel Wagan Watson, Andrew Stafford, Jay Phillips, Jane R Goodall, Glenn A Albrecht, Leah Kaminsky and many more, Griffith Review 68: Getting On offers an insightful exploration of the changing truths of ageing – as well as celebrating the triumph of longevity.

When: 6.30–7.30pm Tuesday 12 May

Where: Zoom online, hosted by Avid Reader

Tickets: Free.



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