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Things we want to know but forget to ask

Stories about the painted past and the precarious future

'Things we want to know but forget to ask: Stories about the painted painted past and the precarious future' is a collection of fiction, non-fiction and poetry from Christine Howe, Luke Johnson, Friederike Krishnabhakdi-Vasilakis, Susan Ballard, Joshua Lobb, Catherine McKinnon and Tess Barber in response to seven different artworks held in the Wollongong Art Gallery collection.

These are works interested in the land and waterways of the Illawarra and elsewhere; in the relationship between humans and other species; in wind, weather and waste; in death, birth, regeneration and refuge; and in the changing nature of life on this planet.

'Things we want to know' is one project within MECO: The Material Ecologies Research Network, a group of writers, artists and scholars who work collaboratively to articulate our interrelationships with the planet.

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